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What price the hippogriffs?
blot on the landscape
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18th-Jun-2020 07:16 pm - Archive post/fandoms/to-do lists
tap tap tap
I'm on a semi-hiatus re:lj, but I hope to get back to snuff soon.

99% of my posts are public, de/friend at will.
Drop a line if I don't know you and you'd like me to add you back!

Working on:
1. Thing with ameru
2. working faster. Does anyone know where to buy Doraemon's fast/slow pills?
3. setting up a separate artblog

fandoms, pairings etc.Collapse )


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20th-May-2012 02:33 am - ST. NICK [ahou manga, 9p, aph]
kotora does rakugo
-dusts off-

request: tufails, something Germany-centric
disclaimer: headcanon; out of season; I have not read hetalia updates for 5 months

ST. NICKCollapse )
11th-Jun-2011 02:36 am - blatant advertising
tap tap tap

LONDONERS PLEASE COME TO THIS!! I will.. uh... give you a slice of cheesecake?
Also, one of the designs on my leaflets is ned--->bel but let's not mention that to my tutors.

Free sketches are in progress do not worry!

...I hope I will be free for good after the 22nd. I don't even have time to sleep for more than 5 hours nowadays :/
tap tap tap

hello, I was at expo and I am currently knackered.

anyways to celebrate freedom! (sort of, not really, I still have to work to a schedule and go into college regularly and do job apps and things)

I will be doing sketch requests until further notice!
16th-May-2011 03:45 pm - *dusts off*
Hello hello I've been away but I promise to return bearing gifts before the end of the week.

I'm about to go crazy from drawing and redrawing and tinkering with animation frames of old men's legs so! Huge posting dump from tumblr (and some stuff not on tumblr, I don't remember what I post anymore OTL) image heavy and of varying quality.

hetalia x 20 (I think) - assorted, some tulip siblings
kamen rider ooo x 2
senbasa (sasuke/kasuga) x 1
matantei loki x 1
original/other/diary x 10

to start with, let me say that most of this is terribleCollapse )

hetalia ahou manga: carpooling (ger+aut, 4p)Collapse )
19th-Jan-2011 03:47 am - 12/2009 - 12/2010 [part one]
hello hello I am hacking away on the third day of a flu (together with panthael_angel, body-ache, fever, lemsip and honey-lemon buddy. what are the odds of two people getting flu at the exact same time, on the very same day.....).

incidentally today was the first time I tried Lemsip. it smells like Fairy liquid and tastes like detergent but I suppose it's still better than regular cough syrup.

I also made a tumblr since edohsama and all the hip kids have one, but I have yet to decide what to do with it besides uploading random photos. I know, I'll do that hetalia 30 days meme thing on it.

Very large and overdue photo-post. Warning: MANY PHOTOS. REALLY.

munich/berlin I, assorted england, thailandCollapse )

Cornwall, Paris and Munich part 2 next zzzzzzzz probably some art in interim
7th-Jan-2011 06:05 am - boiled eyeballs and all
'Sup I didn't die OR get stranded in Germany this year (congratulations Gatwick airport for not closing till 2 days after I got home). One of my resolutions is to make a 2010 photo post so I'll save the rest of my travel rambling for that. Another of my resolutions is to stop disappearing so I'll try to hold myself to that as well.

Also I am awake because I am waiting for the boilers to be turned back on and I need a bath. I have a deadline coming up soon ^q^ (when do I not?) hrrrrrrngggg

So, you know, I should probably get rid of some of my backlog.

Happy (belated) new year and thanks for bearing with me all year long (or longer, in some cases)!

christmas cards x2, happy new year x2, germans and pretty clothes x4Collapse )

ku'damm: 8p, germansCollapse )
17th-Nov-2010 06:00 am - physical energy
kotora does rakugo

I need it.

Hmm today was a nice foggy day with lots of sunshine, so I went and procrastinated trotted up the road to Hyde Park. I thought I'd just grab a nice picture of trees in fog but I wound up walking from Speaker's Corner to the Albert Memorial...

...anyway I'll talk about that later this week, for now this is an artdump :> deadline for dissertation is next week, I'm totally going to die stfu edohsama

Book fandoms x 3
Original x 1
Pokémon x 1
Hetalia 2x ahou manga 1x doodle
Professor Layton x 5

mild spoilers for Professor Layton and the Lost Future, but only if you know what you're looking forCollapse )
8th-Nov-2010 12:45 am - you'll never walk alone (5p)
I have a huge backlog orz *faffs about with feather duster*

let's start with an extremely last-minute fr+uk comic from September (and it was still late for the fruk_giftbasket deadline)

sulking England with rabbit: +1Collapse )
6th-Nov-2010 07:43 pm - this reminds me of a puzzle
tap tap tap
Proper (well, better than mine which was all camwhoring anyway) London Expo con report go here (y)

This post is all Luke camwhoring, mainly to show onisaka xD;; I didn't get to walk around much AND forgot to bring my camera on Sunday so I missed out on a lot of excellent cosplay, like that Joui/Shiroyasha Gintama group... I'll make a proper art post afterwards.

wanted: one Professor Layton, must live in Greater London area and be taller than 5'4Collapse )
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